How to Search HistoricPlacesLA

To start exploring HistoricPlacesLA, visit the Search page in the upper right corner of the page. There are a few ways to search.

  1. Browse resources on the map by panning, zooming, and clicking on the orange markers.
  2. Explore resources by address in the Address Search box in the right corner of the map. Find the orange marker closest to the location and select it for more information.
  3. Find resources using the Resource Search to the left of the map. Search by keyword such as building name, architect, style, or theme. Results will be displayed on the map and in the panel below the Resource Search box.

Each marker/result, when selected, will generate a Resource Report that provides information on the resource such as location, built date, why it may be significant, and its status code. The Resource Reports contain valuable information to assess if a property may be eligible for historic designation or if it is already designated. To learn more about Resource Reports, watch the HistoricPlacesLA Resource Reports Walkthrough video.

If what you are looking for does not appear on HPLA, it may not be in the inventory. While HPLA is the database of eligible and designated historic resources in the City of Los Angeles, information on designated resources can also be viewed on the City’s Zone Information and Map Access System (ZIMAS). Until all historic resources data is in HistoricPlacesLA, continue to search for properties and districts formally determined eligible for listing in the National Register (NR) or the California Register (CR) by the Keeper, Part I Tax Certification, or through a Section 106 process, or other federal regulatory process in ZIMAS in addition to HistoricPlacesLA. For questions about the inventory or a particular site, please contact staff at planning.ohr@lacity.org.

Additional Information

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